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Ajuntament de Barx

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Ajuntament Barx

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In the town are located the following landmarks:

  • The fridge, built in the mid eighteenth century to store the snow in winter and summer use. On the way to the Drova Pinet and two other smaller scale refrigerators and restore.
  • The "Houses Drova. Built in 1723 by the monks of the Monastery of Santa Maria de Valldigna to house workers from their land and draft animals. Also stresses the sundial of 1799 on the facade.
  • "Les Basses of Drova." Dating from the late eighteenth-early nineteenth centuries, built by the monks for the irrigation of fields.
  • The "Riu-Rau." Buildings are typical of the region of La Marina, introduced since 1859, with the arrival of the two families Drova from Xaló. Formerly used for drying and storage of fruits and crops.
  • Calvary. Data from the late eighteenth-early nineteenth centuries, the symbol of consolidation as the core Barx inhabited.
  • The "font of the Raco." Built at the end of 1799, following the signing of the peace that ended a dispute over 20 years among barxeros and the monks of the monastery.
  • The "Plaça de la Constitució. It is the original center of town, which houses two mills, a barn and a warehouse in the second half of the seventeenth century.
  • The church. It was the private chapel of the monks from the second half of the seventeenth century. The facade is late nineteenth century.


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ayuntamiento de barx

Ayuntamiento de Barx
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